About Us

Foshan GOSUN Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a high commitment to develop the domestic market specialist bathroom, bathroom accurately grasp the high international and domestic market changes, and sanitary design trend, with the strategic vision of globalization and diversification of the brand idea, to build China brand Jiejulingdao !
    Special focus on high sanitary products to independently design, product production from design to on-line, adhering to the designer boutique concept, integration of European charm in the modern high-tech quality, both simple, crisp, full of modern flavor character design. In the functional design of the scientific method used in strict accordance with ergonomic design, so you feel very comfortable in use. 
    GOSUN sanitary products have been certified through the national water authority, in the water, sewerage and advanced nature is especially prominent, were included in the national energy and water conservation project shopping list.